What you want is what you get

Smart Torvy is a modular home automation ecosystem for makers.
Pick and choose what sensors and nodes you want to setup, scaling from a single thermometer to a full home system.

truly yours

Our hardware is vendor free and open source. You can modify and extend your setup as much as you'd like to.

ready for everything

Our hardware and software are compatible with most of the industry standards, from ZigBee to MQTT. Our server-side code is mostly Python and Javascript and is compatible with most OS.

We open source

We love open source projects, which is why you can find all of our software on GitHub. We listen very closely to feedback, so feel free to open a Issue if you'd like to see something improved!

why we're different

We aim to build a smooth, awesome development experience for makers. We are a young team that embraces the latest technologies to deliver great products that are up to industry standards.
Here's some of the features we take pride in.

  • cross device support

    You'll be able to access your data through every device with a cleanly designed dashboard.

  • fully modular

    Expand (or reduce) functionalities at your liking to make it the perfect setup for your environment.

  • Customizable design

    Design is important to us, so we'll provide you with various designs and colors to choose from.

  • Data analysis ready

    Use our analytics system to analize your energy usage and minimize waste.

  • Privacy is everything

    We'll never get any data from you, ever. Analysis are performed client-side and stored locally.

  • innovate

    Use our system as a base to build something great and share it with the community.

Maker Faire 2016

We are happy to announce that we've been invited to showcase Smart Torvy at Maker Faire 2016 in Rome in October! Feel free to stop by our booth to try our system or to take a closer look at our board!

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